Festival FAQs

Festival Admission

How much do the tickets cost?2019-10-04T01:15:51-04:00


At the window or the same day online (plus tax)
Adult $12
Senior $10
Child 3-12 $8
Under 3 FREE

Online at least 1 day in advance (plus tax)
Adult $10
Senior $8
Child 3-12 $7
Under 3 FREE


At the window or the same day online (plus tax)
Adult $10
Senior $8
Child 3-12 $6
Under 3 FREE

Online at least 1 day in advance (plus tax)
Adult $8
Senior $6
Child 3-12 $5
Under 3 FREE

Can I buy tickets on the day at the farm?2019-09-19T14:33:16-04:00

Yes! Visit the ticket booth located at the main entrance when you arrive.

I ordered tickets online, but I never got a confirmation email. What do I do?2019-09-19T13:56:33-04:00

Firstly, check your spam or junk folder. Sometimes our emails accidentally get flagged as junk. Next mark us as a safe sender! If you’re still having issues contact us at tickets@hollandgreenhousesinc.com

Is the farm open to the public during non-festival times?2019-10-20T23:49:50-04:00

No. The farm is only open to the public during the festival times. Please check the website for the most up-to-date festival dates.

Are tickets changeable or refundable?2019-09-11T00:55:29-04:00

All tickets are FINAL SALE! Absolutely NO refunds will be awarded. This includes, but is not limited to special offers, promotions or changes in weather.

Do you allow pets?2020-02-06T12:19:39-05:00

Service animals covered by the ADA are welcome at the farm. All other animals, including comfort animals are prohibited.

  1. Please see farm management before proceeding onto the farm with your service animal
  2. You may be asked if the animal is a service animal required for a disability.
  3. You may be asked what task the service animal has been trained to do.
  4. Service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animals work.
  5. Service animals not behaving properly will be asked to leave, unacceptable behavior includes:
    • Damage or consumption of crops
    • Marking, urinating, or defecating in any area except designated area
    • Excessive barking and/or aggressive behavior
  6. Service animals may be restricted to certain areas of the farm, for the safety of our crops, livestock and your animal.
  7. Handwashing stations are provided in our portable toilets. Please wash hands before handling produce.

The ADA titles II and III define service animals as dogs or miniature ponies (although the latter are rare) that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for persons with disabilities. Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task the animal has been trained to do must be directly related to the persons disability. Animals who sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADQA and are not protected by the ADA.

Do you allow groups and is there a discount?2019-09-11T16:32:38-04:00

Holland Ridge Farms is a great place to visit with family, friends, or co-workers. We can accommodate groups of any size. Although we do not offer group rates, we do offer special pricing by purchasing your tickets in advance online. Visit the BUY TICKETS tab for current rates. Please note all tickets are non-refundable.

For larger groups please contact us in advance so we can prepare for your arrival.

How do I buy tickets?2020-03-15T14:56:32-04:00

Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate, If you click the BUY TICKETS button you will be directed to our online ticket ordering system. Once tickets go on sale you will be able to choose the date you wish to attend and the age group you are buying for.

What are your hours of operation?2020-03-15T14:58:09-04:00

During festival times our farm is open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm with our ticket window closing promptly at 5pm. Although we understand the best time to photograph is sunrise and sunset, we do not allow early or late entry to the farm for various reasons. The farm is only open to the public during festival times.

Getting to the festival

Is there public transportation directly to your farm?2019-09-11T16:27:45-04:00

There is no public transportation to Holland Ridge Farms. If you are using Uber or Lyft, we encourage you to arrange your entire rideshare trip to and from the farm prior to your visit.

How do I get to your farm?2019-10-30T10:56:59-04:00

Holland Ridge Farms is conveniently located off Interstate 195 in Cream Ridge, NJ between New York City and Philadelphia. Our address is 86 Rues Rd, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514. There is no public transportation near the farm and it is only accessible by car. Please note visitor parking is located 500 ft before the main entrance of the farm and is clearly signposted.

Take the Ben Franklin Bridge to Route 38 east. Take NJ Turnpike north to exit 7A to I-195 east or Route 295 north to I-195 east. Exit at 11, merge right to Imalystown-Hightstown Rd. Proceed to the stop sign and make a left onto Rt. 526. Continue approximately ½ mile, turn left to Rues Rd. Follow signs for parking.

Take the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel or Holland Tunnel to NJ Turnpike south to exit 7A. Proceed on I-195 east to exit 11, merge right to Imalystown-Hightstown Rd. Proceed to the stop sign and make a left onto Rt. 526. Continue approximately ½ mile, turn left to Rues Rd. Follow signs for parking.

Route 138 West or Garden State Parkway exit 98, to I-195 west to exit 11, merge left to Imalystown-Hightstown Rd. Proceed to the stop sign and make a left onto Rt. 526. Continue approximately ½ mile, turn left to Rues Rd. Follow signs for parking.

Is there free parking on site?2019-10-03T13:19:32-04:00

Yes! This year we have doubled the amount of allocated parking to alleviate the traffic and get people in and out of the farm more quickly. Parking entrances and exits are clearly marked.

You must park in the designated Holland Ridge Farms parking areas only. All violators are subject to towing at the owners expense. The parking gates will close shortly after 6pm so please leave the farm promptly.

Festival Access

I’m traveling with someone who needs extra assistance getting in and out of the farm. Can you help?2019-10-03T13:11:48-04:00

Yes of course. We have a dedicated drop off point at the main entrance, and we also offer transport to and from the parking area. We will also do our best to help take people who need extra assistance to and from the fields. Please note that this is a farm with large open spaces so some walking will be required.

Is your farm wheelchair and stroller accessible?2019-09-11T15:32:25-04:00

Due to changes in weather, some of the terrain at Holland Ridge Farms may make it more difficult for strollers and wheelchairs. We try our very best to accommodate all of our visitors. Please ask any staff member if you require assistance.

Festival Services

What is the best way to pick the flowers?2020-05-09T19:41:17-04:00


It’s actually very simple. Just reach down towards the bottom of the stem and gently twist to break it off from the bulb below. You can also pull it out of the ground with the bulb still intact That way you can try to replant the bulb in a pot or your own garden!


Use the clippers provided to cut the bottom of the stems away from the bulb or root.

I would like to schedule a group visit and/or tour of the farm. What do I need to do?2020-02-20T09:49:57-05:00
We welcome groups to our farm during our flower festivals. Here are the steps you need to take:
• Contact us prior to your visit (via phone or email after official festival dates are announced) so we know the number of members in your group and which date and time you will be attending.
• All members will be required to purchase an entry ticket which can be purchased online or at the gate.
• When you arrive at the farm you will be given a printout which contains information about the different aspects of the farm.
• After you enter the farm we recommend you start your visit at the hayride. A member of staff will be present to give you an overview of the farm and family behind it. Then you can explore the farm at your leisure and use your printout for a self-guided tour.
What else can I do during the festivals?2019-11-14T16:23:34-05:00

On top of the acres and acres of flowers, we also offer other fresh-air fun activities. Check out festival event page and our social media for the most up to date activity list.

Are the tractor-pulled hayrides free?2019-11-14T16:19:37-05:00

Yes! Our FREE tractor-pulled hop-on hop-off hayrides run throughout the day. The hayride takes you around the perimeter of the farm and back with the option to hop-off halfway in the sunflower fields. The complete journey takes around 15-20 minutes.

How do I pick my own flowers?2019-10-03T13:21:35-04:00

We provide flower buckets and clippers out in the field to pick your own flowers. You can pick any of the cut flowers or sunflowers. Once you are done, return your clippers and take your bucket to the Holland Shop to pay for your flowers. Everything is $1 per stem!

Are there ATMs on the Farm?2019-10-20T23:50:55-04:00

Yes. Holland Ridge Farms has 2 ATM machines on the premises. All outside vendors accept cash only. Outside vendors include the following…

  • Food Trucks
  • Bakery
  • Pony Rides
  • Carriage Rides
  • Face Painting
  • Crafters
  • others

All sales made directly with Holland Ridge Farms can be made via credit card or cash.

Is there a gift shop?2019-09-11T16:20:46-04:00

Yes! Our gift shop has a unique assortment of souvenirs for all ages. Look for the Holland Shop & Gifts barn to purchase a keepsake to remember your time here or a gift for someone else. Absolutely NO refunds on any merchandise. All sales are FINAL.

Are there bathrooms on your farm?2019-09-11T16:31:30-04:00

Yes. We provide portable bathrooms for all of its visitors. Portable bathrooms that are wheelchair accessible are also available.


Are you open at sunrise or sunset for photographs?2019-10-03T13:14:25-04:00

No. Our festival hours are 9am-6pm, 7 days a week, with the ticket booth closing at 5pm. If you have online tickets you are able to enter the farm after 5pm but please note we start ushering guests out of the property at around 5:45pm. We do not allow entrance to the farm during non-operating hours.

Do you allow professional photographers on the flower fields?2020-03-15T14:55:43-04:00

Yes! There is no additional fee for photographers. Anyone attending the photoshoot will need to purchase a ticket to gain entry to the farm. Please tag us in your photos by using the hashtag #hollandridgefarms, #hrftulips and #hrfsunflowers.

Can I fly my drone over the flower fields?2019-10-20T23:52:06-04:00

For the safety of our visitors, we do NOT allow the public to fly drones in the farm or over the fields at any time. Special permission may be granted for professional videographers and the press. Contact us for more info.

General Information

Do you host weddings or other private events on the farm?2020-03-15T13:41:07-04:00

No. At this time we do not offer any private events on the farm. We are only open to the public during our flower festivals.

What will happen if I bring an animal to the farm?2020-02-26T14:23:10-05:00
  1. Animals other than service animals will be asked to leave the farm.
  2. If the disability is not known or obvious the handler will be asked the following questions to confirm the animal is a service animal:
    • “Is the animal a service animal required for a disability?”
    • “What task has the service animal been trained to do?”
  3. If the dog is confirmed as a service animal you will be informed of the following:
    • Areas that are open to the handler and service
    • Location of hand washing areas
    • Areas that the service animal can eliminate waster
    • Policies at the farm specific to service animals
  4. If the animal is not a service animal you will be asked to remove the animal from the property.
What do I do if it’s raining on the day I attend your festival?2019-10-28T08:56:15-04:00

If there is inclement weather on the day you attend please wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Also take care when navigating the fields as there may be muddy conditions. Try to avoid puddles and wherever possible stick to the grass pathways.

Do you accept credit and debit cards?2019-11-14T16:27:10-05:00

Yes! We take both cash and cards at the ticket booth and in our Holland shop. Most of our vendors also take cash and credit.

How much are the pick your own flowers?2019-09-19T18:17:11-04:00

Just $1 per stem and that includes sunflowers! We know it’s a really good deal. Visit us and create a beautiful bouquet at a fraction of the cost anywhere else.

How tall are your sunflowers?2019-09-19T12:44:07-04:00

Our sunflowers grow to a maximum height of 6 feet tall. As we plant in weekly stages to prolong the number of  blooms on display, some will be shorter than that until they are fully grown.

What is the best day/time to visit your festivals?2019-10-20T23:49:52-04:00

Our festivals are open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm with our ticket window closing promptly at 5pm. When purchasing your tickets choose the day that best suits your group. Please note all tickets are non-refundable. The sunflowers are planted in weekly stages. This means that there will always be flowers in bloom no matter when you decide to visit.

How long does it take to see the millions of flowers?2019-10-20T23:51:28-04:00

Most of our visitors spend an average of 2 hours at the farm. There’s also lots of other things to see and do while you’re here. Touring our educational barns, shopping for souvenirs, strolling through the fields or taking a hayride. Feel free to stay all day or just long enough to get that perfect selfie or family photo!

Can we bring our class on a school field trip?2020-05-09T19:38:10-04:00

Visiting our farm is a great way for kids and adults to experience the outdoors in a fun and safe environment. We welcome all educational groups. You can purchase tickets online or at the gate. Email us at info@hollandgreenhousesinc.com for more information or if your group has any special requirements.

Is there a smoking area on your farm?2019-09-11T00:55:54-04:00

Holland Ridge Farms maintains a smoke and tobacco free farm. Absolutely NO smoking or other use of tobacco or similar products is allowed on the property.

Do you serve alcohol or allow it on your farm?2019-09-11T00:56:16-04:00

Absolutely NO alcohol is sold or permitted at Holland Ridge Farms.

Can we bring our own food onto the farm?2019-09-11T00:56:30-04:00

Holland Ridge Farms does not allow any outside food or drinks to be brought onto the farm. We offer our visitors a variety of food trucks throughout the festival. You can also visit the Bakery Barn for fresh baked goods! Visitors with special dietary needs may check our website for a list of food vendors for the day of their visit.

What should I wear to the farm?2019-12-10T09:12:51-05:00

For your safety, we encourage all visitors to wear comfortable shoes and suitable clothing for an outdoor rustic environment. Check the local weather listings for Cream Ridge to make sure you dress appropriately.