Local, fast and fresh. Tulips are what we do best!

Holland Greenhouses Inc is a family-run wholesale grower in central New Jersey. Lead by third and fourth generation Dutch growers Casey Jansen Sr and Jr, the company grows hydroponically using cutting edge technology and machinery.

At Holland Greenhouses, we have over a century of growing experience under our belts and pride ourselves on the freshest, most colorful and longest-lasting tulips. Our trucks run daily, delivering to the largest supermarkets on the East Coast. You can also collect from our headquarters in Monroe Township, NJ.

Why order tulips from us?

We grow from 12+ size premium tulip bulbs supplied by trusted bulb growers in Holland. We pick only the best varieties that are disease free. Our tulips are grown hydroponically in temperature controlled greenhouses with non pesticides or insecticides. This ensure consistent quality across our crop.

When they reach bud stage they are picked, trimmed to size and carefully packed into recycled boxes of 12 or 24 bunches. The tulips are stored in water filled buckets and kept in temperature controlled coolers until delivery. By ordering from Holland Greenhouses Inc you receive the best and brightest tulips money can buy.

Our tulips are grown in the spring and fall.

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