More than just tulips

Holland Greenhouses Inc is a family-owned wholesale grower in central New Jersey. Founded by Casey Jansen Sr over 50 years ago it is still going strong today producing millions of tulips as well as other fresh crops in the three greenhouse locations. Read on to learn more.

Our roots are over 100 years old

Holland Ridge Farms Jansen Family History

Holland Greenhouses Inc is a family-owned business lead by Casey Jansen Sr, a Dutch immigrant who moved to the United States from Holland in 1964. Casey learned tulip bulb techniques from his father and incorporated everything he was taught into growing the freshest tulips in New Jersey. He founded the business when he was just 17 years old and to this day demonstrates his passion for the industry.

Now, with the help of his son Casey Jr, Holland Greenhouses continues to grow and ship millions of the freshest tulips to major supermarkets up and down the East Coast. With the greenhouse infrastructure in place the pair were able to diversify the business and expand their offerings to meet customer demand. Holland Greenhouses currently produces fresh-cut tulips, sunflowers, and now a range of herbs and vegetables.

It’s not what you can do for yourself, it’s what you can do for others.

Casey Jansen Sr – Owner of Holland Ridge Farms

The tulip festival is born

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With over 50 years of tulip growing experience under his belt, Sr spearheaded the idea of creating a tulip festival for the public to enjoy. While scouting land for a brand-new greenhouse, Sr and his son Casey Jr discovered 153 acres of preserved farmland with nutrient-rich soil, perfect for growing flowers. In 2017 the entire Jansen family spent months lovingly restoring the farm to its former glory and also began incorporating elements from their Dutch heritage. Coincidentally the land next to the farm became the location of the new greenhouse!

Learn more about our tulip festival here.